Friday, November 18, 2011

Eurozone Foreign debt chart

The BBC news has produced an interactive chart illustrating a countries level of debt and their primary creditors as of June 2011.  Many countries have debt levels that are unsustainable.  I was surprised that the foreign debt per person was higher in the UK than Greece or Italy.  In terms of the ratio of foreign debt to GDP, Ireland is in the worst position at 1,093%.   The UK is in second place at 436%.  In contrast, the US is at 101% of GDP.  The US leads in total foreign debt at over 10 trillion euros with the UK in second place at 7.3 trillion euros.   It will be interesting to revisit this chart over the coming years and determine which countries improve their situation.

Chart from

Read the chart above clockwise from the top to match the colors with the country.

Additional charts on the European debt crisis can be found here.


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