Thursday, July 18, 2013

Carbon Monoxide and Boating

Death from carbon monoxide exposure on boats typically occurs at the rear of the boat near the motor or individuals towed immediately behind the boat.

Kare 11 news offered a July 12, 2013 report on a 4 year old Maple Grove Minnesota girl who suffered excessive carbon monoxide exposure from riding behind and at the back end of a boat.
These reports have a personal resonance with me as I nearly died from carbon monoxide exposure while riding in back of our family car while we pulled our camper trailer. 

Carbon Monoxide Symptoms

Two illustrations of the station wagon effect.
West Marine has information on the placement of carbon monoxide detectors in a boat.

Friday, July 5, 2013

Working on a journal article for JOCHS

I am working on a Journal Article with respect to preventing water losses in buildings for the Journal of Chemical Health and Safety with Kelly Mullane.

Moisture trapped under a plastic chair mat above carpet attached to slab on grade.
These are some of the formatting guidelines.

Proper ACS format of References
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Penn State Libraries ACS Quick Guide.

Chapter 14 U of MN only.

JOCHS guide for authors