Sunday, April 17, 2016

Cell phone Infrared camera -FLIR One

FLIR-ONE infrared image of classroom just after students left - N. Carlson
The above image shows dark seats where students did not sit and purple colored seats where students were sitting at a class where I had just been a guest lecturer.

I am currently weighing the purchase of two low cost IR camera attachments. A FLIR One and a Seek thermal imager.  The models that can be used on some android phones and other models that can be used on most i-phones.  Because of the location of the charger on some android phones it will be necessary to use cord to allow camera to attach to the phone. The FLIR One needs a battery to operate the Seek does not.  The FLIR has better image quality with a wider field of view.  The Seek has a wider temperature range.

Amazon has the FLIR ONE Thermal Imager for Android available for less than $300.

FLIR-ONE versus SEEK infrared camera - 3 minutes

Jet air driers disperse viruses

Fortune Magazine reports on a study of virus dispersion comparing drying with warm air, drying with a towel and Jet air drying.    The mechanical energy provided by the jet air drier dispersed non infectious viral particles in the air 60 times more than warm air driers.  The safest method was a paper towel.  The warm air dryer distributed more viral particles than paper towels but less than the jet drying model.

Jet air drier particle distribution - TOMO news - 1 min.