Friday, August 10, 2012

Swine Flu H3N2 and H1N1 update
Feb. 18, 2015: Update from Sanchita Sharma Hindustan Times, New Delhi.  The India swine flu outbreak has affected more people this year but the case fatality rate is 1/3rd that of last year.  Early timely treatment has been very effective.

Update from Maria Cheng- AP Jan. 29, 2013:  Genetic variations in 25% of  people from China, Japan and Korea make them more susceptible to severe flu side effects.  People with the genetic variation need more aggressive treatment. 

The CDC is reporting an increase in cases of swine flu H3N2.  The flu is transmitted from swine to humans and in some cases has undergone a mutation to allow person to person transmission.  As of now the person to person route is not efficient.  Most infections have come from direct exposure to swine.   This is a link to the CDC health advisory posted August 3, 2012

Update: Minnesota State Fair Veterinarians will be monitoring pigs for symptoms of Swine flu according to an article in the St. Paul Pioneer Press. The symptoms are high temperature, raspy cough and loss of appetite.  U of MN vets also tested seemly healthy pigs during the H1N1 outbreak in 2009 and found that 19% of them carried the virus according to a Mpls. Star Tribune article.  Three people have been infected with flu as of August 31, 2012 at the State Fair and two pigs were removed from competition according to a Star Tribune article by Jeremy Olson

Former Minnesota state epidemiologist Mike Osterholm is recommending that the swine exhibit be closed to the public.  According to an August 21, 2012 article in the Minneapolis Star Tribune.  Fair officials have yet to make a decision but are recommending that people who are not in good health stay away from the building.  They also recommend that people not eat while in the building and be sure to clean their hands before exiting the building.

The St. Paul Pioneer press reports on two cases of swine flu have been linked to the recently concluded Wisconsin State Fair.  The transmission appears to be from swine to people.

The heaviest case report are from Indiana where 113 individuals  as of August 9, 2012 are believed to have contracted the flu by interaction with swine this includes four at the LaPorte county fair from July 8 through July 14 .  The symptoms are similar to seasonal flu.  The CDC has a fact sheet on H3N2.  Persons most at risk are children under the age of 5, immune compromised individuals or people over the age of 65.   People who have not have received a seasonal flu vaccine are also at greater risk.  Persons are asked to reduced contact with swine and in particular those pigs that do not appear to be well.

From Health Partners:  When to see a doctor if you have the flu

What to do if you have the flu
Most people with the flu can manage with self-treatment and do not need to come into the clinic or Emergency Room. However, we recommend being seen by a doctor or care professional if you suspect you have the flu and any of these symptoms or conditions:
Flu-like symptoms that improve but then return with a fever and a worse cough
Difficulty breathing
Pain or pressure in your chest
Sudden dizziness or confusion
Pregnant or within two weeks after delivery
A weakened immune system due to illness, medication, chemotherapy or HIV/AIDS
Any chronic respiratory disease
Health Parners also has a guide on sorting out the flu from the common cold.

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