Thursday, April 25, 2013

Rhizomucor spp.

The zygomycete Rhizomucor spp. is an evolutionary mashup of Rhizopus spp. and Mucor spp.  The root structure is much less well developed than with Rhizopus spp.  Several sporangiophores will often converge and not have a rhizoid structure at the base. 

The organism grows well on MEA at both room temperature 25 degrees C. and body temperature 37 degrees C.

Identification by spore trap sampling would be very difficult. 

Rhizomucor spp. - photo N. Carlson

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Fungal mounting fluid stain recipes

Two rather simple stains make it easier to see the cell walls when preparing a slide to view under a microscope


Add 0.1 grams of acid fuchsin stain to 100 milliliters of 85% lactic acid.  On occasion I find this stain may be a bit strong and diluted it 1/10 with 85% lactic acid. 

Reference: Charmichael, J.W. 1955. Lacto-fuchsin a new medium for mounting fungi. Mycologia 4:611.

85% Lactic Acid

Straight 85% lactic acid is useful for getting a true color image of the fungal spore and structures without staining.  This is helpful for some of the darker colored organisms.

Stacybotrys spp. and Ulocladium spp. lacto fuchsin stain
Stacybotrys spp.  85% lactic acid