Saturday, July 7, 2012

Tesla Model S car is very sporty

There is a very positive review of the all electric Tesla Model S electric car by Dan Neil of the Wall Street Journal.  They seem to have solved the range problem for car with three models of ranges of 160, 230 and 300 miles.  The acceleration is quick at 0 - 60 mph in 4.4 seconds.

Update Aug 20, 2013 - According to ABC News Tesla scores better than perfect on crash test.

I has a very large touchpad like display.

A very nice sports car for slightly under $100,000.  You can go green without compromise.  It is also Motor Trends 2013 car of the year.  The dealerships plan to use Apple like marketing for the car.  The Motley Fool is bullish on the stock price. 

For more information about innovations in electric cars follow this link.  I also included a Tesla car in my screenplay "A Very Convenient Truthiness" set in 2028. 

Wide Open Throttle Episode: Tesla Model S

Coming soon in 2014 the Tesla Model X SUV
There may be problems with a high end plugin hybrid electric sports car competitor the Fisker Karma.

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