Monday, December 24, 2012

Aspergillus sydowii

Another member of the Aspergillus genera often found on damp building materials is Aspergillus sydowii,  It is very closely related to Aspergillus versicolor.  The colony color is a deep blue green compared to Aspergillus versicolor's light green with a few other pale colors mixed in. According to the National Science Foundation, purple sea fan coral can be attacked by Aspergillus sydowii.

Both Aspergillus versicolor and Aspergillus sydowii have small spathulate heads.  They are shaped like like a tiny Dairy Queen malt spoon.  They will also produce conidia from structures that resemble Penicillium spp.

The spores do not have distinguishing characteristics and are identified as Asp/Pen like on an Air-O-Cell cassette sample.

Aspergillus sydowii line drawing - N. Carlson
Aspergillus sydowii in culture. - N. Carlson
Typical Aspergillus sydowii heads - N. Carlson
Aspergillus sydowii - standard head and Penicillate like structure - N. Carlson

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